Nissan CA18DET Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) aka, Camshaft Position Sensor.

This document will show you how to dismantle your crank angle sensor to service parts or replace a broke shaft like mine.



Screen shot of Nissan Fast software documenting where it is.

Nissan Part number 23731-85M10

A cross section from a Silvia S13 Manual.

This displays a diagram of the internals


Has this happened to you ???



Here is your basic ca18de/det crank angle sensor




Use a ratchet and screw driver bit to take off these 5 screws.

You need to use a ratchet because the screws are locked on and you need the torque force.

Take a steering wheel puller and put the center screw over the shaft on the CAS, put the feet around the back side and tighten.


Here is what it would look like if you didn't break your shaft like I did. Except where the yellow ring is there would be the inner bearing that you pushed out.

Be sure to save the rubber gasket that goes between the 2 halves of the CAS.



Now you see the inside of the CAS. Be sure not to touch the outer edge of the rotor plate disc.

Note the rubber gasket around the metal housing of the CAS.



Now undo the 2 screws holding the middle plate on. Again use a ratchet screwdriver.



Now flip the CAS over and get a 3 pronged pulley puller or bearing pusher. Make sure you use a center bolt smaller than the large bearing on the back of the CAS.

Clamp the puller around the CAS and tighten the center bolt, watch on the other side as the center rotor shaft pops out.



I used a steering wheel puller, it worked but I had to use a screw on the end  to fit the smaller center bolt on the CAS (yellow circle in picture)

Be careful, using a bigger center bolt will push out the whole bearing. We don't want that.



My broken rotor shaft, next to a complete rotor shaft.



Now you can replace the shaft if you wish. If you wish to continue disassembling the CAS undo the bolts pointed to.

The 2 screws marked with you don't need to remove unless you want to take apart the photo and light diodes.


Under the whole unit you will find this. IT is the back plate that separates the bearing from directly contacting the sensor unit.

Notice the warped bolt, I tried forcing  the rotor shaft out without knowing that it was the inner peg not the bearing you need to push.


That's it, you've taken apart your CAS. Keep every dead CAS you can find, the parts come in handy.